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  • What Makes a Sourcetype?

    By on June 9, 2020

    “Do you have a custom data source you’d like to import into Splunk? Welcome to the world of…

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  • Splunk ES Implementation Checklist

    By on May 14, 2020

    Congratulations! Your organization has had the foresight to purchase Splunk’s Enterprise Security along with expert Professional Services to...

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  • CIM Compliance – A Simple Walkthrough

    By on February 14, 2020

    Making data CIM compliant can be a daunting and confusing exercise for new Splunkers and experienced ones alike. Often…

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  • CIM, What… Why… How…

    By on February 3, 2020

    During your SIEM journey there will be many terms thrown your way, understanding those terms is absolutely essential when...

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  • Splunk Health Monitoring Best Practices

    By on June 24, 2019

    Did you know that Splunk already has built-in health checks that can tell you if something important was misconfigured...

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  • Splunk Common Information Model – Your Questions Answered

    By on August 10, 2018

    In this post, we’ll review some frequently asked questions concerning the Splunk Common Information Model, or Splunk CIM.

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