Splunk Reseller: Software Evaluation and Acquisition

Aditum is a Splunk Value Added Reseller (VAR)

There’s a joke in the technology industry that most firms are “R’s” – Resellers.

Aditum ensures that the “V” and the “A” are delivered to the customer experience, as in “Value Added”.


How does Aditum assure that?

Most Splunk resellers are partnered with dozens of technology hardware and software vendors. For customers, that has some advantages in that these firms can be one-stop shops for many of their technology needs. What most of these business partners lack, however, are in-house Splunk experts to help customers both before and after the purchase of Splunk. While most Splunk VARs have in-house expertise in core technology areas such as servers, networking and virtualization, Splunk happens to be a niche skill set that even most Splunk resellers do not employ in-house.


Aditum’s value add is our team of Certified Architects that can:

  • Guide organizations through their technical evaluations of Splunk (before an organization’s initial purchase, during expansion phases and when considering Splunk premium apps)
  • Assist with Proof of Concepts (POCs)
  • Conduct Data Source Assessments and provide Data Source Adoption Charts to help organizations determine where data can be repurposed to lower cost-per-use case
  • Offer insights into how other organizations are leveraging Splunk for data analytics across various use cases (IT Operations, Security and Compliance, DevOps) for best practiced and peer benchmarking (without violating client confidentiality)
  • Ensure that Splunk is properly architected and scoped

  • “We have a demanding development environment and Aditum has delivered top notch consultants.”

    -       Large Health Insurance TPA


For customers, access to Aditum’s in-house Splunk expertise is our value add and differentiator.

This access is critical, because Splunk is rarely a one-time purchase. Splunk’s customer metrics show that most customers double their use of Splunk within six months of their initial software purchase, and the average Splunk customer grows their use of Splunk by a factor of 8x, five years after the initial purchase. What does this suggest? That through this customer journey, organizations will require continued technical guidance as they expand their use of Splunk, and are best served by choosing a Splunk channel partner with has the in-house Splunk technical expertise that they can continue to leverage.


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